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Vehicle Mechanical WarrantyFor complete peace of mind

Why are they so important?

Today's vehicles are, on a whole, very reliable compared to vehicles of old. However, what is effectively man made, can, and sometimes does, go wrong, and the complex nature of today's components means that repair bills can be astronomically costly!

Protecting your new purchase with an extended mechanical warranty is always an extremely wise decision.

Reputable dealerships will always do their upmost to ensure that the vehicle they are selling is a quality example, but as one can appreciate, nobody can see the inside of a mechanical component, nor can anybody predict the future reliability of a mechanical component.

From only £5 a week, you can have peace of mind with an extended warranty that takes out of the equation any stress for the future, because in the even that a part that is covered does go wrong, you warranty policy will cover parts, labour and VAT, and with claim limits up to the price of the vehicle available there is really no need to worry.

In addition to the extended level of warranty cover, some other great benefits contained within the policy includes:

  • Vehicle recovery
  • Car hire
  • Wheel alignment
  • Air-conditioning re-gas
  • Air suspension
  • Battery cover
  • Exhaust systems
  • Clutch
  • Dual Mass
  • Cylinder head skimming
  • Diagnosis
  • European cover
  • Software updates, to name but a few!

Feel free to contact us on any more questions concerning third party warranties.

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