Paint Protection

Paint protection is a form of 'Bionic polymer' protection that lasts a lifetime gives your car the perfect showroom lasting finish every day. A professional choice developed to protect Paint work, Alloy wheels, Fabric and Leather with a lifetime guarantee. Our professional valetor and detail technician is Supagard trained so each and every order is applied professionally to withstand the harshest environmental and climate conditions, this also helps to maintain its value when you do come to sell the car, in fact we add an extra £300 to the part exchange valuation guide of any car you have previously bought from us with supagard protection! On the paintwork it creates a high gloss barrier and seals the surface against any contaminants.

Our technicians will also coat the fibres in the fabric seats and carpets to allow any spills and dirt to be removed as liquids and dirt can't penetrate the fabric once coated, creating a bubble like effect on treated materials. There are optional extras that can be purchased such as Leather protection, Wheel protection and Glass treatment. These are beneficial as any spillages or dyes from clothing cannot transfer leaving the leather undamaged. On your cars alloy wheels it will perform a protection barrier designed to withstand any dirt, fading or brake dust. The glass treatment provides an optically clear, non-sticky coating for incredible visibility in all conditions for up to 6 months at a time, it improves the clearness of visibility during day or night and it all weather conditions including rain, sleet or snow. Once the bionic polymer layer has been applied you can then be provided with an aftercare kit to keep your car in such a pristine condition. You are still able to wash your car as often as you require.