Used Car Dealers Bristol

Why should you use them?


1. Car dealers have an obligation to put your car right!

Why buy a car from a private seller on a “sold as seen” basis?  Yes short term you might save money, however you could spend £100’s – £1000’s in repairs on a car you’ve just bought with no compensation!  Whereas Buying from a used car dealer diminishes this risk, the only risk you should be worried about is buying the wrong car for you!

2. A Record of sale

Car dealers will provide you with a receipt and invoice of the purchase, having this record can be good for your resale value.  This is because buyers will see that a used car dealer once owned this car and must have carried out safety checks before sale to the current owner.

3. Variety of cars in one place

Viewing a car in a used car dealership means you will have a large choice of cars, often dealerships will stock a few very similar cars with slightly different specifications.  Meaning you can compare and choose the right car.

4. Finance

Car Finance Always Available

Sometimes raising a large sum of money to buy a car can be impossible to do, so a particular car you really want can be attainable with finance!  Its always important to get a good rate of finance when doing this, at Quality Assured Cars we can offer bank beating finance.  Enquire today and find out a non commital rate of finance you could get on any of our cars!

5. You can expect a higher level of car

Used car dealers will only sell you a car that is not going to fail you! Why would they? They’ll only have to fix it again. Selling a high quality car is the best thing used car dealers can do for their brand.  Yes some used car dealers do not care about their brand image.  That is why you must make sure you do your research and investigate what kind of seller they are.  You can do this by looking at their reviews online.  Remember this option isn’t available when you buy privately!

6. Lower Your Cost of Ownership

Alot of people buy privately as it can be cheaper, however what most private buyers never consider is that car dealerships can offer you service plans at much lower rates! At Quality Assured Cars if you bring your car back for regular service and maintenance after your purchase.  You can save 100’s in service and repair costs.

7. You Trade Your Car in

When you are looking to change your car, or even upgrade your car part exchanging it can be a much simpler solution than selling it yourself.  Forget about the hassle of selling your car and bartering with strangers on your drive.  If you’re worried about not getting the most money for your trade-in you’ll be pleased to know Quality Assured Cars give the most for their trade-ins! in fact we beat any other used car dealership in Bristol.

8. You Could Even Earn Commission!

At Quality Assured Cars we are the only used car dealer in Bristol that will pay you directly if we buy your friends or families car. read more about it here selling/ part exchanging?

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